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  • Tommy's Baking 湯米烘焙有限公司


    Tommy 是位帶著橘色帽子,有著藍色眼睛,笑起來有點害羞的可愛廚師。
    Tommy 是位烘焙藝術師,更是為不藏私願意分享經驗的烘焙創作者。
    Tommy 說烘焙有種魔力、是種藝術,透過烘焙就能把歡樂幸福的感覺帶給大家。
    Tommy 相信每個人都能創造屬於自己的特色糕點。
    Tommy 希望每個人都能加入烘焙的行列,一起和周遭的人分享幸福快樂的感覺!

    Imagination is the element of the Tommy's. The orange chefhat presents Tommy's heart for baking, and the blue eyes and orange smile symbolize the joy Tommy wishes to create. 
    Tommy is a baker and an instructor who wishes to put art into baking. To add colors in his baking is to put joy into the pastries he makes. Pastries can be breads to give friends and family fulfillments, and pastries can be desserts to give friends and family extra enjoyments. 
    Tommy believes a simple waffle or cake can create happiness, and Tommy wishes all bakers can put their heart into baking and present a unique way to friends and fmaily. 
    Be a baker and a creator!!